A ‘cog-up’ happens when there are no cogs linked to your account.

If you’re using Cognician in your personal capacity, then take a look at our products page to see our selection of cogs available for purchase.

But if you’re part of a company or institution that has already made cogs available to you, then make sure that you’re logging in with the correct email address. It’s likely that you’ve created a new account with your personal email address, while the cogs you’re looking for are linked to an account that uses your company email address. Take a look at our article on activating an account that’s been set up on your behalf. We’ll have sent you an email to your company email that directs you to where you need to go.

If you haven’t received an email from us, and have checked all your email folders in your company email address, then please check with your group administrator to confirm that the right email has been attributed to the account set up for you.

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