Hello and welcome! It’s great to have you aboard. Now it’s time to get you started, so follow these steps to login:

Now click on the the ‘Login’ link that you see on the top right corner of our homepage. This will redirect to the login page at https://www.cognician.com/login.

Once you’re at the login page you’ll find two text fields. The top text field will have the words ‘Email address’ displayed in it. Click in this text field and then enter the email address that was used to create your Cognician account.

Below the ‘Email address’ text field there is another text field specifying ‘Password’ inside. Here you need to type in the password you’ve chosen. (If you haven’t set a password yet, check your email inbox for a Cognician email. This email provides a link that lets you choose a password for your account.)

Once you’ve typed in your email address and password, you can now click on the blue ‘Login’ button that you’ll see below these two text fields. Once clicked, you’ll be taken to the cogs on your account. Time to get cogging!

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