To resume a cog you’ve already started, you’ll need to follow the same route you took to start a cog for the first time. Only the very last step will change. So let’s have a quick recap for how you originally started the cog you’re trying to resume.

After arriving at the cog’s homepage, you’ll see a picture and accompanying title for each of your cogs. Both the picture and the title act as a link. Once you click on one of these a pop-up window will appear. This is the page for that cog.

If you’ve used this cog previously, then you’ll be taken straight to the ‘Chats’ tab on this pop-up window.

Once you’re on this tab, you can press the blue button that says ‘Continue’. As the name suggest, this will start the last worksheet you worked on for this cog.

If you would like to resume an older session, then you’ll see all the sessions for this cog below the blue ‘Continue’ and ‘Start a new chat’ buttons.

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